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Bedroom Furniture

It's little surprise that most of us spend more time in our bedrooms than any other room in the house. After all, a person's bedroom is their retreat - a personal space in which to unwind and recuperate.

More often than not the bed is the central point of a bedroom but equally important are the furnishings, accessories and your choice of bedroom furniture. These are the ingredients that will shape the look, feel and general ambience of your bedroom and the right combination can be the difference between fantastic and despondent.

Blackbridge Furnishings offer a superb range of excellent quality bedroom furniture designed to complement any colour scheme and add harmony to your bedroom.

Up until the end of the 19th century, bedrooms were considered a luxury only for the wealthy. However, as society changed and prosperity increased, separate bedrooms became standard in most homes and are now one of the most important rooms - a place where outside concerns no longer matter and you can relax and sleep easy. The furnishings of a bedroom have not altered much over the years, always containing a bed and most often a wardrobe and dressing table - yet styles have gone through some radical alterations. You only have to think of the Victorians and their grand mahogany four poster-beds swathed in curtains, with canopies and cast iron detailing to see how far bedroom fashion has drastically changed.

Choosing the right bed:
Getting the right bed is one of the most important and personal purchases. Everybody knows the importance of a good night's sleep. One of your first considerations should be the size. We offer the standard sizes of single, double and king size, as well as a selection of children's sizes, bunk beds and super King size in some ranges. The single bed measures 91cm wide and 191cm long, and so is suitable for older children or for use in a guest room. The double is the most widely used style of bed and measures 137cm wide and also 191cm long. If you really like to spread out, then the king size is 152cm wide and 198cm long. The super King is a further 31cm wide, for those of you who really want excessive splendor and have the room! Getting the right mattress is also a major part of ensuring your perfect bed, so please check out our mattress buying guide for more information.

Other Furnishings:
A bedroom is not just a place for sleeping, but also for relaxing and getting ready. So it's worth considering matching furniture such as wardrobes and chests of drawers for storage; dressing tables and mirrors to ensure you look your best; and even bedside cabinets for holding a cup of tea and a good book when you want to relax. Items such as wardrobes are vitally important to get right, as they take up such a large area of the room - the design you thought looked great on a small bedside cabinet, may not be to your taste when on a bigger scale.

Planning your bedroom:
Getting the right balance of furniture will ensure your room doesn't look either too cluttered or sparse. Before making any purchases, measure out the dimensions of your room and draw a birds-eye plan. You can then begin to make scale designs of what you want to add and where you think best to place them.

Your style:
Style is of course a matter of personal taste. However, think carefully about how new furniture will match your existing decor. If you're creating a brand new suite, furniture creates a coherent look, so find a matching set that you think works throughout the room. There are many different styles to choose between, from sleek and modern to warm and classical. It is also worth considering what type of wood you like best: the richness of oak, the light and traditional feel of pine or even the bright and glossy look of painted furniture. Whatever your personal tastes make sure you're happy, as you'll be sleeping in there every night!

Traditional Bedroom Furniture

If you're keen on a more traditional look then we're confident we have catered for your tastes as well. Our bedroom furniture collection is full of solid wood traditional bedroom furniture sets, beautifully finished in a selection of timber options and colours. Matching bed frames are available with many of our traditional bedroom furniture ranges so why not take a look and see if anything catches your eye.

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