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Rutland Chunky Solid Pine Bedroom Furniture

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Show First 8 Product(s)

Cottingham Chunky Solid Pine Furniture

Cottingham Solid Pine Bedroom Furniture collection is made from 100% solid pine. You will not find better solid pine quality furniture for the money. All the solid pine drawers have dovetailed joints, and solid backs and bottoms on all of the Cottingham pine bedroom furniture. Every piece has a hand waxed finish, and perfectly crafted pieces for any size of bedroom, small or large.
This collection is fully assembled with exception to beds and wardrobes.
The Cottingham Solid Pine Furniture Bedroom Range features a host of quality features making it a uniquely good buy at this price level. This Chunky Pine furniture in a modern style is characterised by these features:
* Dovetail Drawer Joints
* Cross Rails Between Drawers
* Finished with a smooth, mat tinted wax
* A neutral, warm colour
This range of Solid Chunky Pine Bedroom Furniture is leading its class. Only Solid Pine is used and the build quality is superb. Each unit is crafted as accurate and consistent as the natural material permits.

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