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Dining Room

Dining Room Furniture

What furniture is found in a dining room?

The centrepiece of any dining room is a dining room table and chairs, However there are a few other pieces needed to complete the room. These include a siodeboard or a dresser, to store crockery, cutlery and other items, and perhaps a display cabinet for glass wear and to keep photos and ornaments in. Some people also choose to have a bookcase or wine rack in their dining room, as well as a mirror on the wall.

How to choose your new dining room furniture

There are five key questions you should ask yourself when buying new furniture for your dining room:

1. How big is your dining room? Blackbridge Furnishings dining room furniture varies in size to suit every space. For example, we have dining tables ranging from the large Perthshire Rustic Oak Extending Dining Table to the compact Corona Mexican Pine small dinning set. Sideboards range from the small Pasific Ask sideboard to the large Perthshire Rustic Oak sideboard. You must bear in mind that pieces of furniture that are too big will take over your dining room, or might not fit.

2. Do you want your dining room to be traditional or more modern in style? Blackbridge Furnishings has furniture to suit all tastes. The Perthshire Rustic Oak Extending Dining Table will add rustic charm to your home, whereas the Crown Empire Solid Birch Furniture has a classic style, inspired by timeless French sophistication. Youll probably want to make sure the style of your dining room is in keeping with the rest of your home.

3. What do you want to store in your dining room? Youll need to make sure you have enough space to store what you need, whether its crockery, cutlery, glasses or other items. There are lots of stylish options for storage in your dining room. Sideboards, dressers and displaycabinets provide a huge amount of space.

4. Do you want to, or are you able to, assemble your dining room furniture yourself? We have fully assembled, part assembled and flat pack dining room furniture.

5. How much do you want to spend on your new dining room furniture? Blackbridge Furnishings has pieces to suit all budgets. The Mexican Corona Pine Sideboard is great value, while the elegant Perthshire Rustic Oak Extending Table and the stylish Perthshire Rustic Oak Glass Display Cabinet are great for those with a larger amount to spend.

How to look after your dining room furniture

To keep your dining room furniture looking its best, clean and protect it with good quality beeswax. You should also keep your dining room furniture away from strong sunlight and take care not to place it in front of, or next to, a radiator. The heat might cause it to shrink, loosening joints and veneers.

The history of the dining room

In the middle ages, castles and large manor houses typically had a Great Hall, which was mainly used for dining. Great Halls were often packed with people eating and smoking, so were extremely noisy and smelly. It was usually quite an unpleasant place to hold a discussion. Because of this, the nobility began to build parlours or drawing rooms off their Great Halls. These were far smaller rooms to which they could retire to relax and talk in quiet. Over time, the nobility ate more and more of their meals in their parlours. Eventually dining in the Great Hall became something that was done only on special occasions, and eating in the smaller dining room became the norm. While poorer homes wouldnt have had a dining room in the past, nowadays more and more homes, both small and large, do have a room solely for eating.

Dining room furniture assembly guide

If you choose flat pack dining room furniture, here are our top tips for assembling it yourself:

Lay a blanket down on the surface youre going to use to assemble your furniture to prevent scratching and damage to both the surface and the furniture.

Take all the pieces out of the packaging carefully and lay them out. Make sure you have everything you need before you start.

Only try to assemble one item of your dining room furniture at a time.

Lay out the various panels and identify each panel with a post it note, indicating left/right/top/bottom.

Lay out your tools hammer, screwdriver, etc.

Get to work!

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