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Study / Home Office

Study / Home Office

Since an increasing number of people are working from home, it is essential to create a work space which is both comfortable and practical but isn't an eye sore. Nearly 1 in 8 employees now spend some portion of their week working from home, however not everyone can have a dedicated office to work from, home office furniture needs to make the most of the available space whether it be in a living room, dining room or bedroom. So it is essential that home office furniture is not only functional but also stylish so it fits in with the existing dcor of your home.

What Furniture is required for a Home Office

Crucially the most important part of the home office will be the desk. We have a variety of computer desks to fit all sizes of computer equipment. If you have space restrictions, you may want to consider using one of our bedroom desks. Bookcases are useful for storing important files and documents and will help you keep your desk area clear of clutter. Filing cabinets are also a great, compact way to keep your work organised. Our office furniture isn't just for work, our computer desks are also ideal for the family PC or for your children's bedroom.

How to Choose your new Office Furniture

  1. How you work Think about how you work. Do you spend all your time at the computer, or do you need to sit down with an old fashion pen and paper?
  2. Furniture Consider what you need whether you need space for your printer and scanner or room for numerous files. Make a list of what you will need when you are working.
  3. Space Once you have a list of what you need you can look at what items you can fit into the available space. We have some great space saving computer work stations if space is at a premium. Also consider where you will place your new furniture and make sure there is enough room to open cupboard doors and walk around the room. Our corner computer desks are also a great way to make the most of your available space.
  4. Style Consider what style you want your office furniture to be. We have an extensive collection of oak, pine, and ash inspired pieces of office furniture which includes traditional and contemporary styles. If you are setting up a work station in a corner of a larger room, make sure the new furniture coordinates with your existing dcor for a refined look. You can also try our Pacific Ash Home Office Computer Workstation which neatly closes away.
  5. Assembly Many of our items are flat packed which makes delivery easier and cheaper. However, if you don't fancy assembling the furniture yourself, many of our products are delivered fully assembled.

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